Introducing YLAI Empowers and Online Courses

Through YLAI Empowers, YLAI Network members will now have access to an array of online courses and training materials, along with virtual mentoring and networking opportunities.

YLAI Encourages You to Take a Risk

We see successes often in today’s digital world, but what don’t get shown enough are the failures behind someone’s success. We only see the winning reel.

Freddy Vega Shares One Major Lesson Learned

By Ashley Hoye Here is one reason why you should take a risk today for your business or organization. The more success you want to accomplish the more you will need to learn, and will need to grow. You achieve this by taking risks and acting out of your comfort zone. Freddy Vega from Platzi, … Read More »

The challenges behind every success, a YLAI fellow’s story

Diego Olivero, a Young Leaders of the Americas Fellow (YLAI), understands that running a successful business means overcoming obstacles. When he started his company, the Mayan Store, in 2005 he wanted to “connect artisans with the international market.” His goal was to share Guatemalan handicrafts with the world and to help create a sustainable income to … Read More »