Creating agents of change in El Salvador with sustainable wearable art

By Jewelle Saunders “Everyone deserves to have equal opportunities, rights, and benefits,” says Marí​a Suriano, 2018 YLAI Fellow. “It is time for everyone to fight for what is right and fair.” María, who was born and raised in El Salvador, is the founder of Masshii. She dedicates herself to creating wearable art and ethical jewelry … Read More »

Best practices to building an inclusive business

By Jewelle Saunders Having an inclusive, equitable, and diverse workplace has many benefits. Some of the common best practices to keep in mind when building an inclusive workplace, according to Ideal, include fair treatment and equal access to opportunities; a focus on teamwork and collaboration; representation at all levels; diversity, equity and inclusion training, and … Read More »

Why equality is not the same as equity

The words “equality” and “equity” look similar, sound similar, and even point to the same concept of fairness. So it is understandable if, at first, you think they mean the same thing. Understanding the difference between equality and equity is a great way to start thinking about treatment of others in your community and in … Read More »