Wilbert St Fort at the 2018 Summit of the Americas

Wilbert St Fort represented Haiti at the VIII Summit of the Americas and the Young Americas Forum in Lima, Peru, from April 10 to 14, 2018. We (the YLAI Network team) asked him a few questions about his experience at these events to share with the entire YLAI Network.

The Fundamentals of Marketing

After you have launched your organization, one of the biggest challenges is attracting customers and clients. You may be offering a product or service that will change your community, your country or your world for the better, but the impact of your project or organization depends on people knowing about it.

Buenas preguntas a realizar durante una entrevista

Tu solicitud te ha conseguido una entrevista para un próximo paso emocionante en tu carrera. Hacer preguntas que denoten que has reflexionado durante una entrevista te ofrece una oportunidad para demostrar que has examinado el anuncio de empleo y eres serio acerca del trabajo.

Is Peer Mentoring for You?

Good advice can be found in many quarters. Advice can come from your boss, a senior colleague, or an expert in your professional field. Advice can also come from your peers, people who have similar but different experiences from you.