Moving On Up: Futuristic Finance in Latin America

Fintech — an emerging term that describes technology that delivers financial services. Fintech was the subject of the latest Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) TechConnect live webcast. Viewers from around the globe tuned in to learn how their startups could benefit from fintech, in areas from receiving digital payments to managing financial accounts.

Social Responsibility Means Taking Action

“Social responsibility” can be added to the growing list of buzzwords that community leaders and entrepreneurs employ to enhance their reputation — but recently a leading American NGO expert challenged YLAI Network members to deploy self-awareness in their approach to bringing forth positive social change.  

Soft skills make strong societies

Brian Savitzky started his social enterprise, ítaca Perú, with the idea of creating a better society by educating a generation of leaders right in his hometown of Piura, Peru.