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5 key traits of resilient leaders
June 14, 2020

By Jewelle Saunders

As a leader, you are bound to face many roadblocks on your way to achieving your goals. It is important that you set yourself up for success by focusing on building your resilience while encouraging the same among your team members.

Being a resilient leader means that you are able to recover from adversity and adjust to change to emerge stronger after a setback. Read on to learn the key traits that resilient leaders exhibit and how mastering these traits can make your business stronger.


Leaders who are resilient are consistently trying to seek knowledge to grow their businesses and better adapt to change. Continuous learning permits you to expand your skills. Once you focus on obtaining that new knowledge, you will be able to adapt to change more easily and more confidently. You will also be able to share these new skills with your team.


Rather than dwelling on the frustrations of a challenge, resilient leaders are adaptable and adjust to their circumstances in new and creative ways. For example, if your business is unable to open its storefront, moving to an online shopping environment can be an effective way to continue operations. You could consider new customers or new ways to reach them, or you could offer related products or services that may be in greater demand. Adapting to change is essential to being resilient and having a successful business.


Resilient leaders understand that risk-taking can be worthwhile because they will recover and readapt as necessary. They are willing to be bold and try new, innovative ideas. As markets change and as roadblocks come and go, organizations need to adapt and take appropriate risks and adjustments.  A resilient leader is not afraid to do so.


Resilience means rethinking what appears to be a negative setback and realizing that it can be a catalyst for future growth and success. Remaining hopeful that you will come out on top will help you prepare for any setback with confidence.


If you don’t believe in your ideas and your business, no one else will. When you are passionate about what you believe in, and driven to achieve your goals, you stand ready to withstand any upcoming roadblocks that you may face.

Not all leaders will lead in the same way, and they shouldn’t. Diverse leadership styles produce quality work. But these key traits should be consistent in your style and should be continually practiced. By continuing to learn, adapt, take risks, and exhibit optimism and drive, you can make sure that you are leading in a more effective and positive direction, and your team will follow suit.


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