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A Few Great Resources: Business Plans & Operations
June 22, 2016

Check out these materials from other organizations:

  • VEDUCA by Veduca:  A variety of English and Portuguese language courses are offered on this Brazilian MOOC website.
  • THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RESOURCE by Kauffman Center:  The website offers a variety of lessons on how to start and develop a business.
  • THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO BUSINESS PLANNING by Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education:  The website has dozens of fun learning activities for entrepreneurs.
  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES by Palo Alto Software, Inc:  The website offers lessons to entrepreneurs on business planning, pitching, funding, starting a business, and management.
  • ACT FULL TEAM PROJECT TEAM MEMBER CHECKLIST by Stanford:  A checklist for starting and developing a project.
  • MARKETING PLANS by Palo Alto Software, Inc: Although full access is not free, you can access more than 100 free samples of marketing plans.