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A Few Great Resources: Small & Family Business
June 14, 2016

Starting out small or building your organization at home? These resources are for you:

  • Family Firm Institute by Family Firm Institute, Inc:  FFI is a global network of leaders engaged in family enterprise. It provides research-based learning and relevant tools to drive success.
  • SBA’S Online Business Lessons by US Small Business Administration (SBA):  SBA has been providing loans, lessons, and consultations to US small businesses for more than 60 years. Its website offers valuable insights on how to develop a successful small business.
  • (SME) Industry Canada by Industry Canada:  The website provides information on Small, Medium Enterprises (SMEs).
  • Small Business Statistics by Government of Alberta:  The government of Alberta provides statistics on small businesses. It is an excellent source to figure out current business trends and investment opportunities.
  • Calgary Small Businesses by Government of Alberta:  Learn how the city of Calgary created an environment suitable for small business developments.