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A Few Great Resources: Social Entrepreneurship
June 22, 2016

Want to learn more about social entrepreneurship? These organizations can help:

  • STANFORD SOCIAL INNOVATION REVIEW by Stanford: A journal that provides information on non-profit, investment, and other social innovation.
  • ENTREPRENEUR’S TOOLKIT FOR SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL ENTREPRENEURS by Institute for Sustainable Development:  Looking to make a social change or protect the environment? This website is an excellent source for those who have the spirit of an entrepreneur and want to make social environmental impact.It provides toolkits for entrepreneurs in 26 countries, including Latin American countries.
  • LOCAL AND SOCIAL INNOVATION THROUGH DESIGN FOR AMERICA by Design For America:  Design for America uses human-centered design (HCD) to improve the lives of others. HCD is an approach to problem solving that emphasizes understanding people as a vital component to successful innovation.
  • VENTURE FOR AMERICA BLOG by Venture for America (VFA):  VFA blog is a great tool for entrepreneurs who want to learn about the successes and failures of other entrepreneurs.
  • ENTREPRENEURS’ NETWORK IN BOSTON by Greenhorn Connect:  The website provides information on entrepreneurs’ social gatherings and meetings in Boston. Even if you do not live in Boston, MA, it can give you ideas on how to connect with other entrepreneurs in your area.
  • BUSINESS TOOLKIT by Brown University:  The website provides a 4-step lesson on social entrepreneurship.