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A Few Great Resources: Startups
June 22, 2016

If you’re getting started from the ground up, these resources are for you:

  • STARTUP COMPETITION by UC Berkeley:  You can watch top notch young entrepreneurs competing for prizes at the UC Berkeley’s startup competition. Although you cannot participate in this competition, you can see how entrepreneurs develop their ideas, fund their startup, and defend their principles.
  • NEW BUSINESS MODELS WITH LEADERS IN ART AND DESIGN by Business Innovation Factory:  Its blog provides latest news on business innovation, healthcare, and education.
  • STARTUP WEEKEND GLOBAL EVENTS by Startup Weekend:  You can find upcoming worldwide startup events from this website.
  • STARTUP GUIDE by Startup Guide:  The Startup Guide combines the essence of the social enterprise movement with the hacker spirit of high-growth technology startups and gives advice for future entrepreneurs who want to build a big company while creating sustainable value for society at large.
  • CREATIVE STARTUPS BLOG by Creative Startups:  The Creative Startups blog features unique ideas on entrepreneurship and startup companies. You can find stories on how entrepreneurs from different backgrounds and can achieve success.
  • HOW TO BUILD A STARTUP by Udacity:  Udacity provides lessons for entrepreneurs who want to build a startup.
  • BUSINESS WORKSHOP MATERIALS by Carnegie Mellon University:  The University offers viewers access to its business workshop materials.