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YLAI Network – Take action in your community!

YLAI Goes Green

YLAI Goes Green is an initiative to preserve and protect the Earth for our communities and the generations to come to have access to green spaces, clean water and air, and healthy environments, it will take a collective investment far more significant than any individual.

YLAI Brand Better

YLAI Brand Better is an initiative to keep walk Network members through the tools needed to assess their brand and business, plot a strategic marketing plan, and evaluate its success.



#YLAI4All is an initiative to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within communities and business ethics.


#YLAIforIntegrity is an initiative encouraging individuals to learn more about what it takes to uphold ethical behavior and transparency in the workplace.

#YLAICounts is an initiative educating individuals about financial best practices and financial literacy basic principles.

#YLAIStrong is an initiative encouraging individuals to build their resilience and strengthen their businesses in the face of adversity.

#YLAIVerifies is an initiative encouraging individuals to identify and stop the spread of misinformation by strengthening their media literacy critical thinking skills.

#YLAIforHealth is an initiative focused on raising awareness about the benefits of a healthy community and its potential to generate economic prosperity, promote trade with the United States, and impact future investment in the region.

#YLAIPitchPerfect is an initiative focused on the impact that marketing can make in helping individuals reach their business and entrepreneurial goals.

#YLAIEmpowers Women is an initiative to raise awareness about challenges women face in becoming leaders in business and in their communities, and about exploring strategies and resources to help support women taking on leadership roles.

#YLAIEmpowers Communities is an initiative to raise awareness of the benefits of social responsibility, for organizations and individuals.