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YLAI Goes Green

Investing in a Sustainable Future

When it comes to preserving and protecting the Earth for our communities and the generations to come to have access to green spaces, clean water and air, and healthy environments, it will take a collective investment far more significant than any individual. The time to care and act is now. 

Whether it is participating in The Great Global Cleanup, deepening your knowledge of climate change and environmental harm, or learning how you can reduce your carbon footprint and green your businesses for the greater good—there is an urgent call for each of us to act. Will you answer?

Take the Course

The Climate Crisis: Addressing 5 Key Areas for Change

In this course, we will focus on understanding five key areas of the climate crisis, with suggestions for achievable solutions, equitable goals, and entrepreneurial opportunities to mitigate and adapt to climate change and create resilient ways to meet the challenge. The course is presented by five experts in the areas of climate science, technology, and entrepreneurship.

Temperature Check Quiz, image is a green button on a stock photo of the ocean

YLAI Goes Green Temperature Check Quiz

We all have a part to play in climate action, and a good first step is to make sure you can separate the myths from the facts. Test your knowledge on essential climate change concepts today, and see where you stand with our YLAI Goes Green Temperature Check Quiz! 

Share the quiz with your network and challenge your friends and family and see who knows more about these key concepts!

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YLAI Goes Green: Through Our Lens Photo Contest Winners

On Earth Day 2022, we didn’t only ask you to test your knowledge; we also asked you to show us climate change and the efforts being made to mitigate it through your own lens by entering the YLAI Goes Green: Through Our Lens Photo Exhibition contest! Hundreds of YLAIers answered the call, submitting photos and inspiring stories to match. We’re excited to announce the winning photos and to showcase them on the YLAI Network social channels and at the Summit of the Americas!

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YALIxYLAI: Greener Together Town Hall

The Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs, in partnership with the Bureau of African Affairs, host the YALI x YLAI: Greener Together Virtual Town Hall, open to the public, discussing the global impact of climate change and how individual commitments to take action can ensure that generations to come to have access to healthy environments. This conversation will include speakers from the Mandela Washington Fellowship, the YLAI Fellowship, and climate change experts. RSVP below.

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Individuals across the region are making strides to counter climate change and environmental harm. Read more about the work being done to preserve our world and get inspired to make an investment in a sustainable future.