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Investing in a Greener Economy

In 2022, thousands of YLAI Network members answered the call to build a greener future, taking more actions than ever to counter the climate crisis. This year, we’re asking the YLAI community to go even bigger because when it comes to mitigating the climate crisis, we must think outside the box.

More than 40% of YLAI Network members identify as business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs! Along with the many challenges of the climate crisis, opportunities in the green economy are expanding, and there are an increasing number of models for climate-sustainable entrepreneurship. Are you ready to use your entrepreneurial smarts to conceptualize green solutions for the climate challenges facing our global communities?

Fundamentals of Climate-Smart Entrepreneurship

Fundamentals of Climate-Smart Entrepreneurship This course will provide entrepreneurs with recommendations for planning, implementing, and running sustainable climate-smart businesses. Those businesses responsibly manage natural resources, don’t contribute to the climate crisis, respect Indigenous lands and ways of life, and are profitable.

Earth Day 2023

Young leaders worldwide are motivated to create a more resilient, sustainable world. These leaders' climate solutions give U.S. Special Envoy for Global Youth Issues, Abbey Finkenauer, and the YLAI team hope for a greener tomorrow. And we hope you'll be just as inspired by these brilliant entrepreneurs and climate champions as we are! Learn more about opportunities for young leaders to make a global change: https://www.state.gov/youth

Building Your Green Business Workbook

Building Your Green Business Workbook
This workbook will help to expand your knowledge of the impending impact of the climate crisis and provide you with potential entrepreneurial opportunities to create actionable resilient solutions for your community. Create a free Canva account and complete the Building Your Green Business Workbook directly in the template or download a PDF version.

Climate Risk Management Assessment

Climate Risk Management AssessmentClimate resilience is the ability to anticipate, prepare for and respond to hazardous events, trends or disturbances related to climate. When it comes to climate resilience, we all have a part to play.

Climate risk is the probability of a climate-hazardous event occurring, considered in addition to the level of exposure and vulnerability to the impact of these events. To best address climate risks, you must first understand how to assess those risks.

This #YLAIGoesGreen Climate Risk Management Assessment will help entrepreneurs assess and address climate-related risks to ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of strategic objectives in the face of climate variability and change.

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Individuals across the region are making strides to counter climate change and environmental harm with their green businesses and innovations. Read more about the work being done to protect our future and get inspired to invest in a greener economy.

YLAI Goes Green: Through Our Lens Photo Contest Winners

On Earth Day 2022, we asked you to show us how you view climate change and the efforts to mitigate it through your own lens by entering the YLAI Goes Green: Through Our Lens Photo Exhibition contest! Hundreds of YLAIers answered the call, submitting photos and inspiring stories. Check out the winning photos below.

Greener Together Virtual Town Hall


YALIxYLAI: Greener Together Town HallThe Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs, in partnership with the Bureau of African Affairs, hosted the YALI x YLAI: Greener Together Virtual Town Hall, discussing the global impact of climate change and how individual commitments to take action can ensure that future generations enjoy healthy environments. This conversation included speakers from the Mandela Washington Fellowship, the YLAI Fellowship, and climate change experts.