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#YLAIEmpowers Communities Quote Graphics

Volunteering is a passion and lifestyle, it fills the soul and above all helps us to be better people. - Neil A. Calque Mercado, Bolivia

Givinf back to your community is powerful. It'll make you feel part of it, feel useful, know abilities you maybe didn't know you had, find new friends, increase your social skills, connect to other people with the same interests and it'll make you feel more confident and greatful. - Eva Herbert, Venesuela

Be brave and always focus on your goals. -Shallona Shallowe, Trinidad and Tobago

Let change begin with you. -Olecia Lynch St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Hacer el bien se siente Bien... Vence con bien el Mal. Doing good feels good... Overcome evil with good. -Jose Betancourt, venezuela

Go for it. Helping persons to help themselves is important in creating sustainable development in our communities. -Chevelle Campbell, Jamaica

If everyone helps a little, the whole world can change. Wellington Silva, Brazil