YLAI Counts: My money, my future.

Text: My money, my future. Photo: Woman with afro walking up stairs made of gold on the phoneWhen it comes to money, one thing is certain—it always feels like you never quite have enough. Maybe you have money tucked away for a rainy day. Or perhaps your main concern is stretching your money until you’re paid again next week. No matter where you stand financially, money management skills are key to planning for the future.

Though the majority of young adults understand the importance of having the money they need to live available to them, the confidence and responsible money habits associated with wealth, at times, are a bit harder to grasp. Having the knowledge to make informed and responsible decisions about your money management is the first step. Join #YLAICounts as we explore and build the skills needed to prepare financially for the future!

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Talking about finances, money, and the future can seem daunting. But rest assured that you’re not alone. If you’re ready to get started strengthening your money management skills, join the social conversation below:

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Around the world, less than 33% of adults qualify as money-smart. Understanding money management best practices and being able to apply them to your finances is easier said than done. Test your money management skills today, and see where you stand!

Complete the Workbook

Download and complete each section of the YLAI Counts: A Money Management Workbook to better manage your money today and for years to come!

YLAI Workbook: Section OneYLAI Counts Workbook: Section TwoYLAI Workbook: Section Three

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