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#YLAIPitchPerfect: Find your voice.

How do you take what you know about your business or entrepreneurial endeavor and educate others about it? Are you looking to hire more employees? Or do you need to secure investors and resources? Others need to hear about that next great product that you’ve designed or your strategy to help communities address their problems, and the YLAI Network is here to help!

#YLAIPitchPerfect is focused on the impact that marketing can make in helping you reach your business and entrepreneurial goals. Through identifying your strengths and weaknesses, refining your digital footprint, and strengthening your public speaking skills, you will develop your pitch. A pitch is the primary way for you to communicate with your audience about your work and inspire them to take action in supporting your next steps.

Not quite ready to develop and present your pitch, but want to learn more about entrepreneurship and marketing? Click here.

Pitch Development Toolkit

Complete the YLAI Network Pitch Perfect Toolkit to evaluate your business goals and start developing your pitch!


Pitch Videos

Take what you’ve learned through the YLAI Network Pitch Perfect Toolkit and develop your pitch further! Watch this series of five short pitch videos written and presented by 3 Day Startup filled with helpful tips and ways to make your pitch stand out from others.

In the video settings, you can select subtitles for English, Español, Français, and Português. Video transcripts  for all five of the videos are available in English [PDF – 178KB], Español [PDF – 195KB], Français [PDF – 179KB], and Português [PDF – 194KB].

Practice Makes Perfect

Now that you’ve developed your pitch, it’s time to practice and strengthen your public speaking skills. Find a peer, practice in front of a mirror or record yourself, or keep your eyes out for an embassy-hosted pitch practice session to become more comfortable with your pitch. Constructive feedback is the best way to work toward your perfect pitch, so make sure to complete this short rubric to discover your strengths and areas for improvement.



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Visit a Small Business Development Center

Want to connect with other entrepreneurs and small business people in your area? Thousands of community-based small business centers make up the Small Business Network of the Americas (SBNA), which helps connect more than 2 million entrepreneurs and small business people to create new jobs.

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