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YLAI for Health & Wellness – It’s up to me!

Health security and economic prosperity go hand-in-hand.  Promoting healthy communities is fundamental to ensuring strong economic partnerships with the United States throughout the Western Hemisphere.

Recognizing health security and economic prosperity as a priority for the region, this effort is focused on raising awareness about the benefits of a healthy community and its potential to generate economic prosperity, promote trade with the United States, and impact future investment in the region.  We aim to cultivate an active community of YLAI Network members in the fields of medicine, public health committed to strengthening healthy outcomes and invest in economic prosperity and security goals and are invested in supporting and strengthening their communities.


There are several ways you can participate in this new initiative:

Take the pledge and commit to your health and wellness.

Thank you for your commitment to health and wellness! This initiative has finished, but we hope you will check out some of the great resources we have above and explore the latest tools and resources from the YLAI Network.