YLAI for Integrity: Responsible Business Starts With Me

Responsible Business Starts With Me. Blue graphic with YLAI logo, with Haitian man smiling in business suitThe economy flourishes when businesses, entrepreneurs, and young professionals are given space to be innovative and competitive—ethical behavior in the workplace helps to make this possible. On the contrary, unethical behavior impacts countries around the world, contributing to governmental instability, eroding trust, stifled commerce, and a lack of diversity in the workplace.

The United Nations estimates that annually $1 trillion USD is paid in bribes with an additional $2.6 trillion USD stolen through corruption. A lack of transparency and corruption threatens the economy on a global scale, discouraging investment and trade, promoting inequality in hiring, and inhibiting prosperity.

If you’re committed to learning more about what it takes to uphold ethical behavior and transparency in the workplace—join #YLAIforIntegrity today and say it with us: Responsible business starts with me!

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Take the first step towards integrity today with our new YLAI Network Online Course, Fundamentals of Responsible Leadership for Entrepreneurs.

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If you believe that responsible business starts with you, show your dedication to upholding ethical behavior in the workplace by taking the YLAI Network Responsible Business Promise today! Do you identify as a professional or business owner? 


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