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Jewelry inspired by Wonder Woman
August 3, 2017

Wonder Woman has not just left its mark on the box office. It has also sparked a new collection of jewelry by Salvadoran designer Lula Mena.

Mena hires and trains marginalized, low-income Salvadoran women to produce her creations. That’s one reason why Warner Brothers asked her to design a jewelry line that reflects Wonder Woman’s attributes of courage, wonder, and power.

Gold bracelet, inspired by Wonder Woman. (© Elsy Quijada)
Mena’s hand-woven bracelet is made of copper strands reused from energy meters. (© Elsy Quijada)

The studio also likes Mena’s modern aesthetic — and her firm’s pro-environment, fair-trade practices.

So Mena designed three styles of cuff bracelets, similar to those worn in the movie. She explained that Wonder Woman’s character is reflected in the bracelets’ materials: stones and crystals (“wonder”), recycled tire-tube rubber (“courage”), and copper wires from a utility company (“power”).

It was exciting “and, above all, fun” to work with Warner Brothers, Mena said.

The original bracelets Mena created for the Wonder Woman premiere were autographed by Gal Gadot. Proceeds from selling those bracelets will help train female artisans in El Salvador.

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