YLAI Strong: Strengthening my foundation.

Text: YLAIStrong - Strengthening my foundation

When it comes to entrepreneurship, building resilience is fundamental to professional success. Entrepreneurs and their new businesses often face many setbacks and unexpected hurdles in their first five years of operation.

Resilience among entrepreneurs makes for a more adaptable and strengthened business. As a result, communities, economies, and trade benefit from strong businesses. Analyzing and improving your strategic and contingent business plans will fortify your businesses both in the short and long term.

If you’re committed to learning more about what it takes to build your resilience and strengthen your business—join #YLAIStrong and start strengthening your foundation today!


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Download the YLAI Strong: Business Analysis Workbook to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats surrounding your business, better understand the challenges you might come to expect in your business, and learn how best to prepare for them with a strategic plan and contingency options!


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Take the first step towards resiliency today with these YLAI Network online courses: Management Strategies for People and Resources, and Smart Entrepreneurship: Next Steps in Expanding Your Enterprise.

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Everyone faces hurdles and obstacles. But what sets successful entrepreneurs apart is how they choose to respond. If you’re ready to share your best risk management tips and learn how your peers have overcome challenges, join the social conversation below:

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