YLAI Fellows Aaron Bendfeldt from Guatemala, Maira Peres from Brazil, Frank Solorzano from Honduras

The winning pitch: YLAI Fellows invited to Global Entrepreneurship Summit

A good pitch can take you far in business, and for a few YLAI Professional Fellows it will take them all the way to India. Aarón Bendfeldt, Frank Solorzano and Maira Peres received capital investment in their companies and invitations to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hyderabad, India, after winning first, second and third place, … Read More »

The challenges behind every success, a YLAI fellow’s story

Diego Olivero, a Young Leaders of the Americas Fellow (YLAI), understands that running a successful business means overcoming obstacles. When he started his company, the Mayan Store, in 2005 he wanted to “connect artisans with the international market.” His goal was to share Guatemalan handicrafts with the world and to help create a sustainable income to … Read More »

Los miembros de la red YLAI brindan estos consejos para recuperarse luego de sufrir un contratiempo [video]

El camino para comenzar una nueva empresa exitosa puede ser escabroso. Si eres emprendedor, sin duda ya habrás experimentado retos, y es probable que sufras reveses en el futuro a medida que vaya creciendo tu empresa u organización. La emprendedora ecuatoriana Nina Vaca, que actualmente es la presidenta del grupo Pinnacle Group, una de las … Read More »