Andre Pitts, YLAI Fellow 2017

Using Social Entrepreneurship to Create Change in Belizean Communities

I’m Andre Pitts, a 26-year-old Belizean. As a developing nation, Belize has its fair share of challenges: an unstable economy, high crime rate, and high unemployment as well as underemployment. One of the biggest challenges is the inability of parents to pay for their children’s education and associated expenses. In the village that I live … Read More »

YLAI Empowers Communities

Working together to make a difference – YLAI Network Launches 2018 #YLAIEmpowers Communities Initiative

Join us for the #YLAIEmpowers Communities digital initiative! Working together toward a greater good. Trabajando juntos, podemos hacer la diferencia. #YLAIFortalece la comunidad. Over the next few weeks, we will be encouraging Network members to develop their leadership potential through volunteering, community organizing and service to address local needs and give back to their communities. … Read More »