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Ten Things Every English Learner Should Be Using

Ten Ways to Practice Your English Dialogue

  1. AE@State — Dialogs for Everyday Use – Situational casual dialogue  and an explanation of dialogue
  2. AE@State — In the Loop: Idioms Reference Guide
  3. AE@State — Conversational English Video Series
  4. AE@State — Facebook Idioms Resource + Photo Album
  5. AE@State — Idioms Video Series
  6. Voice of America — Let’s Learn English — Level One
  7. Voice of America — Everyday Grammar blog posts with embedded videos
  8. Voice of America — Everyday Grammar TV video series
  9. Voice of America — English in a Minute video series
  10. Voice of America — New Words video series

Three Ways to Prepare for Your TOEFL Exam

  1. AE@State — TOEFL Vocabulary graphics
  2. ETS TOEFL TV — TOEFLtv video series
  3. TOEFL Resources — Third Party TOEFL video series