YLAI Fellows in Seattle in front of Pike Place Public Market

Who gets to be an entrepreneur?

Original article by Natalie Pond, World Affairs Council in Seattle, WA. What do Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Zynga have in common? At first glance, they’re all corporate tech giants: organizations that have entirely revolutionized their sector through innovation. These are household names, companies whose products have such reach that their brand identities are embedded in … Read More »

YLAI Fellow pins card to board

Being a Leader Means…

In October 2018, we asked the 2018 YLAI Fellows for advice on what they believe being a leader means. Here are some of their responses. Being a leader means… 1. Inspiring others! CBS How we present ourselves, speaks to our ability to inspire others. Steve Jobs was arguably one of the best presenters to ever … Read More »

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Taller con Cecilia Escalante – Caja de herramientas de mercadeo: el héroe de tu propia historia

Tema: Caja de herramientas de mercadeo: el héroe de tu propia historia Conferencista: Cecilia Escalante, CEO y Fundadora de Colourize (Transcripción – PDF) Resumen: Cuando decides emprender, todo se transforma a tu alrededor y sientes que la incertidumbre te gana la batalla cuando no sabes qué recursos o estrategias pueden salvarte la vida. Entender qué herramientas mercadológicas pueden … Read More »