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Top 4 benefits of joining the YLAI Network
December 20, 2019

The Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) Network is a community of inspiring young entrepreneurs and change-makers from Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada who are committed to promoting economic growth, strengthening civil society and creating change in their communities.

There are many reasons to join today and many benefits to being a part of this network! Here are the top benefits and instructions on how to join.

Discover new ways you can help advance your community

By joining the YLAI Network, you will get notified first of opportunities to access materials that are part of the various YLAI Network’s initiatives, providing you with possibilities to take action to help raise awareness about issues facing your community and be a part of the solution to addressing these issues.

Some of the common topics covered include stopping the spread of misinformation, fighting corruption and unethical behavior in the workplace and promoting economic prosperity and financial literacy.

Connect with like-minded young leaders and entrepreneurs

Within the YLAI Network, you have the chance to connect with other leaders in business and government and share ideas with other young leaders and change-makers who are working to create positive change in their communities.

Through the YLAI Network’s social platforms, you can connect and join in discussions with other members to get advice, work through your challenges, raise awareness of your organizations and learn how to advance your passion project.

Gain access to free resources for leadership and entrepreneurship development

Through the YLAI Network’s free online courses, you can expand your skills with guides from experts in a variety of fields. Topics for these online courses that you can earn certificates from include Fundamentals of Starting and Running a Business, Creating and Maintaining Social Enterprises and Community Organizing for Action.

The YLAI Network consistently publishes resources and inspiring stories to help teach you ways to better yourself as a leader and advance change in your community, with, for example, guidelines for how to set and achieve your goals.

Get inspired by fellow network members accomplishments

The YLAI Network works hard to connect like-minded change-makers and social entrepreneurs, and works hard to highlight their journeys to entrepreneurship, their challenges and their successes along the way. Joining the network will allow you quick access to inspiring stories from network members and a chance to more easily connect with them.

From founders of organizations that are working to advance environmental change, eliminate gender-based violence and empower children with autism in their communities, there are many inspiring network member stories to help motivate you to follow through on the change you want to create.

Are you interested in creating a brighter future for your community by developing your skills as a leader and connecting with your peers?

Join the network at ylai.state.gov to start receiving updates and learn of opportunities to collaborate with young leaders across the Americas. Take the first step in becoming a change-maker today. 


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