YLAI Verifies: Think before you share information – stop, reflect, and verify!

Identifying and stopping the spread of misinformation is vital to ensure that credible news sources maintain levels of trust and businesses maintain trusted brands and customer bases. Join #YLAIVerifies today and do your part to stop the spread of misinformation by strengthening your media literacy critical thinking skills.

Stop. Don’t automatically press the share button.

Reflect. How can you stop the spread of misinformation?

Verify. That the information is credible and accurate.

Test Your Media Literacy Knowledge

Take the YLAI Verifies Media Literacy Quiz to see what you know about media literacy! Then challenge your friends to take the quiz and share on social media using the hashtag #YLAIVerifies.

This quiz, available in both English and Spanish, was developed in collaboration with Oberlin College.



Watch Videos & Educate Your Community

Watch these three short videos to learn more about misinformation and how you can help protect your reputation and community! In the video settings, you can select subtitles for English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. Video transcripts are available in English [PDF – 83KB], Spanish [PDF – 81KB], Portuguese [PDF – 79KB], and French [PDF – 80 KB].

Once you watch the videos, use the videos and plan a dialogue event to teach your community how to ‘stop, reflect, and verify’ information before sharing. Download the event facilitation guide available in English [PDF – 249KB], Spanish [PDF – 234KB ], and Portuguese [PDF – 229 KB].

Read More About Media Literacy

Want more information about media literacy? Check out these articles, including some guest blog posts by your fellow YLAI Network members!

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YLAIVerifies Poster 24×36 – español


Top 10 Media Literacy Tips
Top 10 Media Literacy Tips – español
Know the Different Types of Information