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What is your money personality?
March 17, 2020

By Jewelle Saunders

No matter how you have managed your money in the past, it is important for you to now equip yourself with the knowledge you need to make sound financial decisions for a strong financial future.

There are many ways you can handle your money. Whether you are avoiding, saving, spending, or amassing, you can always make certain changes to better manage your money in the future. Read on to discover which money personality describes you best, and what potential changes you can make to start managing your money better today.

The Avoider

Is this you?   The Avoider does not want to talk about money and goes out of their way to not approach their finances. Whether they are uncomfortable with their spending, do not see the importance of managing their finances, or they just do not like to bring up the topic and let their bills pile up, the Avoider is currently not managing their financial affairs and letting it get out of control.

Advice for better money management:  Take control of your finances. Start by talking to your trusted friends and family, or a financial adviser. Getting more comfortable about the realities of your finances is important. It will help you to realize that it is not a scary subject and you have the power to organize your finances effectively and quickly.

The Saver

Is this you?   Also known as “the Hoarder,” the Saver is very watchful about their money and they love finding a good deal. They see money as a means to obtain security, and they are prepared for any unexpected expenses that may come their way. The Saver loves to track their income and their expenses and they know exactly where their money is coming and going.

Advice for better money management:  While you are typically very risk-averse, now might be a good time to take a little bit of a risk and learn more about investing. Putting some of your savings into a small investment and watching your money grow might be just the push you need to meet your financial goals and focus on guilt-free spending.

The Spender

Is this you?   The Spender likes to spend their money and can often do so impulsively. Whether for themselves or for their friends or family, spenders love to give gifts and splurge. The Spender may be facing risky investments and debt, and might not have their savings in order.

Advice for better money management:  Stick to certain limits and learn to budget wisely. Setting a budget will allow you to save for necessary expenses, plan for your future more effectively, and splurge with more confidence.

The Amasser

Is this you?   For the Amasser, building wealth builds confidence, and they like to have large amounts of money. The Amasser has hands in many different baskets. Every month they want to make money, save money, spend money, give away money, and invest money. Money can be an all-consuming topic for them, and they can base a lot of their self-worth on how much money they have.

Advice for better money management:  Loosen the reins. Since you are so in control of your finances and know where your money is coming and going, now is a good time to relax and maybe consider a financial adviser to help you take your mind off money now and then.


Recognizing your money personality can be your first step toward financial health. Knowing what drives your financial decisions will help you reach your money goals. Join #YLAICounts and continue learning how to make your money count today.

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