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What will you do to help empower women?
March 2, 2017

Former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan said gender equality is more than just a goal. “It is a precondition for meeting the challenge of reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development and building good governance.”

In other words, when women lead, we all succeed. That is the theme of #YLAIEmpowers.

There are many ways you can help women become leaders in your own community. Here are several to consider:

  • Invite five women to Join the YLAI Network.
  • Join one of YLAI’s upcoming online discussions on Facebook or Twitter to discuss women’s empowerment issues.
  • Help out with the responsibilities at home so women family members have time to pursue their professional interests.
  • Support women-owned businesses in your community.
  • Host a networking event to connect women entrepreneurs in your community.
  • Advocate for reducing the barriers to women’s leadership in your community.
  • Mentor a woman who is looking to take the next step in her career.
  • Organize a discussion at your job on gender equality in the workplace that includes both women and men.
  • Organize a workshop to train women on a specific skill.

Ready to get started? Take the #YLAIEmpowers Women pledge and say how you’ll support women as leaders in your area.

These ideas may inspire you to come up with one of your own to help raise awareness of gender equality issues and ways to take action. If so, share it with us! Be sure to follow the hashtag #YLAIEmpowers to see what others are saying.