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Working together to make a difference – YLAI Network Launches 2018 #YLAIEmpowers Communities Initiative
May 14, 2018


YLAI EmpowerCommunitiesJoin us for the #YLAIEmpowers Communities digital initiative!

Working together toward a greater good.

Trabajando juntos, podemos hacer la diferencia. #YLAIFortalece la comunidad.

Over the next few weeks, we will be encouraging Network members to develop their leadership potential through volunteering, community organizing and service to address local needs and give back to their communities.

From individuals to businesses, social responsibility is a force for civil and economic vitality:

#YLAIEmpowers Communities encourages participants to get more involved in their communities. We have an online course on community organizing and a toolkit to help you get started.

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Looking for ideas for how you can give back? Consider organizing one of the following community action activities:

  • Plant a tree or street clean up.
  • Group volunteer activity through a business or community group.
  • Pick up 10 pieces of litter on your way home or work.
  • Beach clean up.
  • Host an “open doors” day for people to learn about your business or teach a skill.

The #YLAIEmpowers Communities initiative is an opportunity for Network members to lead, organize, support or participate in volunteer efforts in their local communities. Communities prosper when every part of society invests in social good.

Focus these next few weeks on #YLAIEmpowers Communities and spread a culture of social responsibility everywhere the YLAI Network reaches! Use #YLAIEmpowers to share what you’re doing!