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YLAI Encourages You to Take a Risk
January 11, 2017

By Ashley Hoye

We see successes often in today’s digital world, but what don’t get shown enough are the failures behind someone’s success. We only see the winning reel.

During the 2016 YLAI Washington Summit, we asked several Fellows and guest speakers  to tell us what it takes to be successful. Hear below some surprising answers on why risk and failure are what you should seek when wanting to succeed.

Carlos Gutierrez from Albright Stonebridge Group

Why it is necessary to take business risk? If you don’t grow your business, it will decay. Growth requires risk.

Germán Santillán Ugarte from Mexico

YLAI Fellow Germán Santillán Ugarte explains that risk taking is what being an entrepreneur is about.
Indira Burke from Aruba

YLAI Fellow Indira Burke explains how risk taking and successful business go together.

Mazal Blanco Labouz from Colombia

YLAI Fellow Mazal Blanco Labouz believes that with risk and failures come persistence.

Want to know more? Check out the benefits of risk taking in this video featuring more of our YLAI Fellows and guest speakers.

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