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#YLAIEmpowers: How Women can Grow as Effective Leaders
March 9, 2017

By Ashley Hoye

We want to empower women, but what can we do? How can we move from talking to action?

We asked three entrepreneurial women for tips on how we can empower women together. Here’s what they had to say.

YLAI Fellow Maria Roper on How to Empower Women

Not everyone is lucky to have a father who encourages his daughters to pursue her dreams. YLAI Fellow Maria Roper from Panama explains the next best thing to have a supporting father: education.

YLAI Fellow Daniela Borja Kaisin – Three Most Effective Ways to Empower Women

YLAI Fellow Daniela Borja Kaisin from Ecuador describes three ways to empower women. Create a friendly and supportive environment. Have economic independence. Enjoy the process.

How can you empower a female entrepreneur?

Belisa de las Casas from WEConnect International explains how YOU can support and empower a female entrepreneur. Have economic independence. Enjoy the process.

Want to get more involved? Take your pledge and start empowering women today.