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#YLAIEmpowers: Why Should We Empower Entrepreneurial Women
March 21, 2017

By Ashley Hoye

We have spent the past few weeks discussing the importance of empowering women. We have provided proven economic benefits of supporting women as well sharing perspectives of the men and women of YLAI on this issue.  

Still not convinced we should be coming together to empower women?

Watch below to hear your fellow YLAI Network members explain why we need to come together to support entrepreneurial women.

“Women are economical engines.”

We asked 2016 YLAI Fellows (both men and women) why, together, we should empower more entrepreneurial women.

“[The m]ore women who can reach their full potential, the better off we are.”

2016 YLAI Summit guest speaker Belisa de las Casas from WEConnect International answers the question, “Why is it important to empower women?”. Two words: why not?

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